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How Financial Inclusion Can Drive Economic Growth



Financial inclusion has become a buzzword in recent years, but what does it really mean for businesses and the economy as a whole? Join Jamie Vinkle, and Mike Magnacca, VP of Marketing at Corl as they discuss the ways that financial inclusion can drive economic growth and help businesses succeed in today's fast-paced global marketplace.

Here's what you can expect from this webinar: 

  1. Benefits of financial inclusion for businesses, individuals, and communities
  2. Strategies for addressing challenges to financial inclusion
  3. The role of technology in advancing financial inclusion

Mike will share his insights on how companies can benefit from being more inclusive in their financial practices, including the potential for increased access to capital, improved customer loyalty, and greater financial stability. He will also discuss how financial inclusion can help to promote greater equality and social justice, both of which are key drivers of economic growth.

Whether you're a business owner, an investor, or simply interested in learning more about the role of financial inclusion in economic development, this webinar is a must-attend event. Register now to reserve your spot and join us for an engaging and informative discussion on financial inclusion!


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